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Paprika characterizes the Hungarian cooking and predominantely used generously in typical dishes like Gulash whether from beef, lamb or chicken and is served with potatoes or gnocci, Chicken Paprika, and Stuffed Cabbage (a transylvanian delicacy). Salami is palatable, and should come from Szeged "Pick" and "Hertz" seem to be the best labels. Goose liver and Pancakes (Palacsinta) are a must.


Off the beaten tracks Homoki Lodge – Boutique Hotel & Luxury Glamping provides a Nature Quest Resort to a secluded location in the South Hungarian Puszta, a unique natural reserve for wanderlust and safaris in the heart of Europe.  Some people call it chilling out. Others a living experience of nature.

Homoki Lodging

A unique luxury lodge representing the time arch of one thousand years of the Magyar’s history.

Homoki Dine
Homoki Dine invites you to enjoy Hun-Hungarian meals as well as fine cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Mangalica pigs, Racka sheep and the Hungarian steppe cattle. Fruit and vegetables come from ecological agriculture. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are provided on request. Home made fruit juices and selected wines from Hungary's best regions.
Homoki Wellness
Homoki Lodge balances activity with relaxation. Carefully selected health & beauty treatments pamper body and soul. The sauna is fired by aromatic acacia wood and is complemented by a natural pool. The region's thermal spas with iron and sulfur water underpin our programme. Discover the fountain of youth.
Homoki Ride
The South Hungarian Puszta are among the best equestrian vacation terrains in the world. No obstructions from fences or roads. A paradise for horse riding holidays. Sure-footed Hungarian half-blood horses, comfortable tack and trained riding guides guarantee unforgettable horse back holidays and horse riding tours through meadows, woodland, fields and marshes.

Retreat to the sand ridge 

Meeting Hungary in an elemental and archetypal way, feeling of the remoteness, the far-reaching expanses and freedom of the landscape. It is a holiday for adults who want to flee from the hectic, noisy world into a nest of luxury and secureness.

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