Dog Friendly Hotel Policy & Procedures 

At  Homoki Lodge, we understand that your dog is just as much a part of the family as other members. We’re thrilled to be a pet-friendly at Homoki Lodge and welcome your dog up to 30 Kg in select rooms. In order to ensure that all of our visitors have an enjoyable stay, we ask that guests traveling with their four-legged friends sign the policy below upon check-in.

I have read and agree to the following:
•My dog weighs 30 Kg or less.
•I understand that only one dog is allowed per guest room.
•My dogs vaccinations are up-to-date and he or she is free of fleas or ticks.
•My dog is not aggressive and is well-socialized with other animals and guests.
•I agree to clean up after my pet and properly dispose of any waste.
•I understand that my dog is not allowed on the furniture.
•My dog will be with me and under my care at all times as they are not to be left unattended on property.
•I understand that Housekeeping will not enter my room with an unattended pet inside. My dog must be restrained or removed from guest room while hotel staff is present working in room. I will assume responsibility for notifying the Front Desk if there are special times for servicing my room.
•My dog will be on a leash or in a carrier at all times when outside of the room.
•I understand that a non-refundable  charge of HUF 5000 / night will be charged upon check-in for post-departure room
cleaning. I further understand that this fee does not include any additional costs which may result from damage or need for excessive cleaning of soiled linens, carpeting or furniture. 
•I am aware that an additional charge will apply if excessive cleaning is necessary. I also agree that the condition of the room is based on the sole judgment of management upon my departure.
•As a dog owner, I am liable for any disturbances my pet causes to guests staying at Homoki Lodge. I understand that a charge of up to HUF 10.000may be applied to any disturbances. On the second incident of a reported disturbance, Homoki Lodge may ask for the dog to be removed from property.
•I understand that my dog is not permitted inside the community pool, private pool, Jacuzzi, bath tub or shower.
•Homoki Lodge is not liable for any injury suffered by pet while on hotel premises.
•I accept full responsibility for any liability arising from my pet (pet damage or personal injury to hotel, hotel, staff, guest, third party or property.
•I acknowledge that I have been informed of Homoki Lodge pet-friendly policies and procedures. I am aware that I may be responsible for additional fees if damage, excessive noise and/or flea infestation occurs during my stay.