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Homoki Ride Package Deals

Bookable April 1st 2020 through November 30th 2020


The following is an outline itinerary for the Homoki Riding. Although you can arrive and depart any day, below is an example of what your stay could look like day to day.


All package deals include accommodation, with breakfast, 1-2 guided riding tours per day. Guided riding tours on arrival and departure days are not included in package deals. 

Arrival Day

If transfer is part of your package, you will be met by the driver at the Budapest Airport or at arranged meeting point (payable locally). 

This one and a half to two hour trip will take you through the Hungarian Southern Great Plain. Near the end of your journey you leave tarmac roads and continue on sandy tracks to the secluded Nature Quest Resort of Homoki Lodge. According to your booked package you will be introduced to your accommodation at Homoki Lodge or Homoki Yurt Glamping Ground, the Homoki Dine and the horses. In the evening, you can dine at the HOMOK ASZTAL restaurant. (3 course menu from EUR 24.-, 5 course degustation menu from EUR 49.-, payable locally) 

A Typical Day
Usually ADVANCED rides are going out right after breakfast for a few hours and radiate in different directions every day. Lunch is available at Homoki Asztal (menu from EUR 19.-) or at specific picked places for a lunch stop. Rides in the afternoon will last for about 1,5 hours. In the evening, you can dine at the HOMOK ASZTAL restaurant. (3 course menu from EUR 29.-, 5 course degustation menu from EUR 49.-, payable locally) 

Discover The Southern Hungarian Puszta (Available for packages: light, advanced)
Get acquainted with the sure footed Hungarian Warm blood horses and experience the openness of the country, the seemingly never ending sandy tracks, meadows and ride even through pine and acacia forests. You might spot some of the local wildlife including hare, roe deer, fallow deer or wild boar. 

Day Tour to The Buffalo Reserve / Mórahalom (Available for packages: advanced)
This is our longest ride across the plains but offers beautiful scenery of the flat Puszta landscape. For lunch (Drinks included) enjoy a pick-nick at the observation platform to see protected wetlands through the naturalization of water buffalos (bubalus bubalus). Perhaps you will enjoy a fast ride with a long canter across the rolling plains this afternoon, where the horses can show what they are made of!

Meadow Hopping Rides (Available for packages: light, advanced)

Lovely blooming meadows full of seasonal flowers such as uncountable Red Poppies, Bugac Orchid, small Pasque Flower, Sea Aster, Autumn Lady’s-tresses, Giant Hungarian Daisy, Tisza-parti Margitvirág, Hungarian Milkvetch, Buckbean/Bogbean, Marsh Gladiolus etc. are the dream for horse riders from all over the world. Discover this untouched refuge by steady paces and even gallops for the keen riders. 

Village Ride / Ruzsa (Available for packages: advanced)                                                                                                                                                                                                         The ride will pass near well kept crops and fruit orchards following the border of the surrounding farm steads until you reach a typical Hungarian village in the Puszta Plains of Hungary. Learn about its population and how they build their homes and yards, see happy pecking chickens in theirs gardens with crops of vegetables. The guide will show you the infrastructure like the school, majors house, church and the park. Lunch can be taken at the Presszo where they prepare the most gigantic Hamburgers Hungarian style. On the way back wether to ride through the poplar forests with shade or the keen riders may gallop via the nearby plaines.

Follow The Hoof prints Of The 19th Century Highwayman / Ássothalom (Available for packages: advanced)
Ride and discover the former wetlands, which represented an ideal area for the bandits to hide themselves from the authorities an finally pass the legendary ‘Rózsa Sándor Tree’ which the more than 200 year old contemporary witness followed by a visit to the newly opened Rózsa Sándor commemorative house in Ásotthalom to learn more about this famous folk hero. 

Market Rides  / Mórahalom / Ruzsa (Available for packages: advanced)                                                                                                                                                                                                  Every third and fourth Sunday a month there is market day in the nearby villages. Rides leave after breakfast towards the market place. at arrival horses are taken care by the groom while you can walk into the markets and dive into the lively bustle of the market traders. Life stock, antiques, fresh goods, clothes and everything one can imagine is haggled for. Around noon taste the freshly prepared local specialities like the locals do. Ride back and enjoy some canters over meadows and the never ending sandy tracks. 

Natural Reserve Ride / Ássothalom (Available for packages: advanced)
Nature quest for rare species of birds, beetles and wild orchids along the Ásotthalmi “Csoda Rét” or “Miracle Meadow” which was founded by the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I and Queen Sissy.


Departure day

Breakfast, check out util 10am. If booked in advance, return transfer to Budapest airport. Please note that there is no riding included on the departure day.

Following Homoki Ride Package Deals are available (recommended minimum stay 2 nights)
 ⇒ Homoki Ride LIGHT / guided day tours –  1.5 hours / from HUF 15.900.- *

Homoki Ride ADVANCED / guided day tours  – 3.0 hours  / from HUF 25.900.-*

*+board + accommodation + tourist tax